Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 368

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gouache on bristol board (with digital help), 11 × 17″.

Our issue of Hellboy is out today! 5-page preview available here! It's a one-shot that takes place in 1955 near Daytona Beach, FL — which just happens to be my hometown. What are the odds?! Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson crafted the story, with art by me, Joe Rivera (my Pops!), and Dave Stewart.

Some of the reference used is shown below. The models in the upper left are from Anatomy 360, a series of apps that provide 3D scans that can be rotated and lit easily. The Hellboy model is my own, created in Sculptris and lit in Photoshop.

3D models, online ref, and onsite pics

The dinosaurs are from Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens, an historical site and unsuccessful 1950s tourist attraction. The black and white photos are from the period, but the color photo is from our visit over a year ago, back when this project was just a few emails old.

digital color study

digital pencils

digital layouts

detail of raw scan

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