I Am Iron Man

Monday, June 15, 2015

IRON MAN. 2014. Ink & watercolor (by Joe Rivera) on paper board, 9 × 12″.

Here's a commission from last year that I penciled and my Dad inked and colored. You're probably familiar with the character by now. I, for one, am pretty excited about Civil War.

Wizard World Sacramento is this weekend, my last convention of the year! I'll post the details later this week, but I'll be a guest of the Hero Initiative, and will be on a Spider-Man panel. We'll be selling our limited edition copies of The Walking Dead, details below.

I should also mention that there is a not insignificant chance that I'll have to cancel at the last minute (or leave early). My wife and I are expecting our first child (!!!!). Although not due for another few weeks, such things are unpredictable. If that happens, I'll give a heads up via Twitter, and you probably won't hear from me for the next 18 years!

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