The Valiant Preview

Monday, October 13, 2014

PHOENIX. 2014. Ink & watercolor on paper, 9 × 12″.

I hope everyone had as great a time at NYCC as I did! It was a whirlwind tour of my former home, but I got to see a ton of familiar faces. Thanks to everyone who came to the signings, panels and stopped by Splashpage Art. If you didn't catch my updates on Twitter, here's a nice preview of The Valiant, along with the video trailer that debuted at the show.

I managed to get about 8 commissions done total, 3 of which I finished beforehand. Phoenix was among those, and so I was able to get a good scan. I'll leave you with a detail at full resolution. Have a great week!


  1. Great to finally meet you at NYCC and say hello Paolo!

    My #6 W&N brush and color lessons continue to serve me well though I have to practice at flatting in channels. I can now study that Valiant preview I picked up to see the subtleties of that technique,. I planned stop by to chat on Saturday but saw how intently you were finishing commissions (while I was in the middle of humiliating grunt work in order to earn my extra days at the Con) But I got to flip through your original art book the next day and it all looked terrific with your dad's inks. If I was rolling in real money , I might have gotten something as well as a few Paul Smith beauties from another booth (X-Men #169, out of this world Morlock pages!!)The art from that book were the issues I bought when I was starting picking up comics again. I was speculating with Splashart that the cool Mole Man cover (from Daredevil) might have been inspired by Gustave Dore. That really caught my eye back then.

    btw, your Ninjak looks smooove. So glad you're back at interiors again even though its more work. You'll have to brief us someday where the space comic project is at. I'm in the midst of mine. It's fun but really hard. Though I'll just be doing 5 issues and hopefully a successful kickstarter to get the print side of it going. Kickstarter was the only panel I caught and saved the show for me.

    Looking forward to the new books. It sounds like the perfect project.


  2. My pleasure, Michael! Thanks for stopping by! I haven't really touched my own book since I started on THE VALIANT, but I'm still thinking about it, jotting down notes whenever I think of better ideas. Best of luck with yours!


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