Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 250

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Acryla Gouache on bristol board, 11 × 17″.

It's the 250th edition of Wacky Reference Wednesday! To celebrate, we're going to look at pictures of me with my shirt off. (I miss my external obliques.) The sculpted heads are lit for a different cover, but they were in this group of photos so I thought I'd throw them in. The beach toy pics I found on-line. I wonder if I still have that Darth Maul beach towel...

Years after I did this piece I redid Sue's face. The color was fine, but the drawing was off — her nose was doing something funky that I didn't know how to fix at the time. Live and learn.

I hope to have another Wacky Reference contest for #300. You should all start preparing now. Also, you can buy a print of this in my store.

Cooler? Check! J.Crew ladies swimwear catalogue? Check!
Darth Maul beach towel? Check! I'm ready for the beach!

digital color study over pencils

pencils layout

best bathing suit ever...
... but I think I went a little too gray with Reed


  1. Man, this is a worthy 250th WRW and I can hardly wait for the 300th! :) This is one of my favourite series on the whole internet, count me in for the contest that's for sure. ;)

  2. awesome. I love to see great artists like yourself that still use references so often! it is truly inspiring!

  3. Awesome art! and you really work hard and that's your secret!!! and again awesome work!!!


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