Heroes Con 2013 — Superman

Monday, October 7, 2013

Superman. 2013. Acrylic on illustration board, 16 × 24″.

Here's the big painting I did on stage at Heroes 2013. Makes me want to paint more of the big guy. As for life in general, I'm still catching up after my 3-week break. I've got 3 covers lined up this week... and a bunch of big goals to accomplish before the end of the year. Onward!


  1. Wow! That really is Super, man (pun intended).

  2. Triumphant work, sir! Really great. Supes has never looked better. p.s. I still get excited when I think about the fact that you are work on a creator owned sci-fi project. However long we have to wait will be worth it. :)

    1. Thanks! I finally got back to writing this week — haven't touched it since May. The goal is to have the 200+ page script done by the end of the year.


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