Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Impossible. 2013.
Photoshop,  8.5 × 11″ @300ppi.

Happy Friday, everybody! I wanted to help promote some Kickstarter projects by some dear (and talented) friends. First up, God Hates Astronauts is breaking barriers and stretch goals. It's a labor of love by my friend and former college roommate, Ryan Browne. (I saved his life once. Ask him.) Attempting to explain GHA serves only to deepen the mystery, so I'll just leave that to Ryan in the video below. I'll be contributing artwork for an 11 × 17 poster print that accompanies every hardcover. Pledge now, or Owl Capone will get you!

Next up is Sean Wang's Runners sequel, The Big Snow Job, which continues the adventures of his band of alien smugglers. I met Sean doing conventions around the country and I can't recommend his book enough. I would've bought the first trade for the design sketches alone — he's an MIT architecture grad who lavishes detail upon every panel. He's a world-builder whose ideas were too big for this one. Smuggle some support his way.

I'm going to take next week off from blogging while I finish up a super-secret, super-awesome painted project of my own (Seriously, it's the coolest thing I'll make this year). In the meantime, you can fill the gaping blogosphere void with an interview, courtesy of Lo Spazio Bianco. Have a great week!


  1. Thank you for these interestings recomendations (runners specially seems so inviting for me ).
    Unfortunedly, I have no expectation that any of these comics are published in Spain, but I promise to improve my poor English level to enjoy them.
    Have a great week too master!!

    1. Not so fast! I do believe they ship internationally, though you should check their page to be absolutely sure. Beyond that, they both offer pdf digital downloads of the comics which shouldn't have a problem crossing borders.

  2. I can't wait to see your poster! :) I'm a huge GHA fan from almost the beginnings!
    The Impossible is my favourite character from the series. did you do that sketch digitally, Paolo?!

    1. Same here. Glad it's working out so well for Ryan. And yes, that's a digital sketch. I wanted to have some piece of art to show for the announcement, but I was short on time.

    2. Such a shame I wanted to ask for it :-)


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