Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 197

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daredevil #19. 2012. Ink(ed by Joe Rivera) on Marvel board, 11 × 17.25″.
Original Art

Daredevil #19 comes out today (here's a preview), so I thought it would be a good time to share my reference for the cover. We ended up going with a very simple pose, but that meant I had to get it just right. I'm actually still not happy with the hands, partly because I had always intended to cover them in blood, making them "pop" a bit more while simultaneously defining the form in 3 dimensions.

My first layout sketch is still my favorite, but it was just too close to Matt Wagner's Grendel art. That being said, I gave Coyote a Shakespearean silhouette, so I thought the Hamlet reference was appropriate. Ultimately, we went with the straight-forward approach and a (bloody) red background, as opposed to all black.

Digital Layout

Digital Layout

Digital Composite



Coyote Skull Studies

Character Studies

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