Daredevil #19 Cover

Friday, July 27, 2012

Daredevil #19. 2012. Ink(ed by Joe Rivera) on Marvel board, 11 × 17.25″.

This cover got lost in the fray—I meant to post it before I left for California, but never got the chance. Coyote is the the first villain I've ever gotten to design for Marvel (with one small exception). I even got to name him! He may not look like much, but I assure you, he'll be one of the toughest foes Daredevil's ever had to contend with.

I wanted to give him a sort of "jester" feel, which led to the faux collar and the medieval shoulder pads—I've always liked that cut, and Game of Thrones reminded me of it. I actually like the first sketch I did more, but felt it was a little too close to a classic Grendel cover. The characters already share a color scheme and I didn't want to make too many comparisons. I can't yet reveal all my design sketches, but I will after the story is published.

This is a Moses Magnum sketch which I don't think I ever shared. I had to redesign him for Amazing Spider-Man #577. It was a pretty simple costume, especially for a guy who makes earthquakes. Have a great weekend!

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