Megacon 2011 Cosplay — Mortal Kombat

Friday, December 9, 2011

I may be taking a blog break here fairly soon. Deadlines are starting to get the best of me. In the meantime, here's a lovely couple from Megacon, and here's an interview with me at NYCC, courtesy of the Secret Identity Podcast.

Moooooooortaal Kooooombat! (breaks into dance music).


  1. Hey, as you may be taking a blog break soon- just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Besides being an incredibly talented artist- you have presented and kept up with an incredibly user friendly and highly informative blog. Your insights into your artwork and the professionalism involved in creating and producing your caliber of work are valuable beyond measure for an aspiring artist (like me!) You really pull back the curtain , so to speak, and show it's not JUST amazingly talented individuals out there working and churning out the comics we enjoy- but even more so, it is that combined with hard work and dedication to the craft. Your blog is a valuable resource and I appreciate what you've selflessly put into so far ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE. So, by all means, take a break. You deserve it and thank you again.

  2. Bradford, thank you so much for the kind words. I strive to produce the kind of blog that I would like to follow myself, so your comments are much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

  3. Your picture and comment reminded me of these guys flash dancing to the Mortal Kombat song:
    Was it an intentional reference?

    Btw, I hope your blog break isn't too long! (And that you're not planning on a twitter break, either. :)

  4. Felipe, thanks for the link. Never saw that before, but glad I did. I'll be back to blogging next year. And I'll definitely still be on Twitter.


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