Wacky Reference Wednesday, No. 151

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wolverine #5.1 Cover. 2010. Ink with digital color on bristol board, 11 × 17″.

This cover was drawn primarily from imagination, but (as usual) I needed some help with one of the hands. Had this been a painting, I might've donned the claws, or bothered to light the scene, but being primarily an anatomy shot, none of that was necessary.

I'm almost certainly making the appropriate face.

This is the first time (and so far the last) that I tried using a painted background with an inked figure. It definitely has a different feeling than the rest of my work, but I was never quite happy with the end result. I might try it again someday.

Pencil thumbnail, digital color study, and acrylic/watercolor background.

Pencils, inks, and flats (by Orpheus Collar).


  1. great reference and fantastic piece. which Conan movie is that a screen grab from. Barbarian or Destroyer........or Red Sonja?

  2. Check out the guns!

    Love the look of the final piece.

  3. Thanks, guys! It's from Barbarian.

  4. Are they your guns? I didn't think artists had guns like that!

    Great piece I like it very much!

  5. It's a common misconception, Craig.


  6. I really liked that the background was painted. There's an atmospheric feeling to it.

  7. Thanks, Narciso. It sort of gives it that "animation cel" look. Hope to use it on another cover soon, but we'll see.


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