Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 128

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Young Allies 70th Anniversary Special #1, Page 17. 2010.
Ink on Marvel board, 11 x 17.25". Original Art.

As I've mentioned many times, simple interaction among characters is often the hardest to reproduce because subtlety is paramount. This is where acting and role playing is most useful, since these actions are second nature to do, but not always to create. We are very adept at recognizing gestures, which is why drawings can so easily look awkward—not everyone can draw a figure, but almost everyone can "read" body language, however understated. The height at which we hold a cup, the angle of each finger as it grasps the handle, the tip of a sip—these and every other element add up to create a wholly believable character.




  1. Excellent work Paolo! Love the inks and the colours.

    Also smart moving on linking to your Splash page original art.

  2. Thanks, Vic. I usually try to slip a link in there.


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