Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 4

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Because you asked for it.

This is from... when I... uh... had to paint all the Jim Lee era X-Men for a... cover that was never published.

Yes, those are my real chops.
Yes, the claws are spring-loaded and fully retractable.
No, they no longer work.

Not pictured: Sabretooth

Friday: Brush Cleaner


  1. there are no words.....

  2. Ah, memories... You gotta get Joe's Sabertooth up here sometime, too! He made the cutest lil' Sabretooth ever!

  3. Nut balls...an anonymous source named Christina E. Rodriguez sent me this link...and I almost crapped my pants. How could my memory have faded of that night? Good memories indeed.

    -LIAM (aka Colossus)

  4. Jesus.. this might be one of the craziest, alex ross-esque, reference pics ever. Costumes, props, etc. How long did this take to set up?? Awesome, man

  5. Alright you hooligans. If your curious enough, head on over to my blog to see what the missing Sabretooth looked like.

  6. I would suggest you all do as Joe says.

  7. I had so forgotten how many of you there were!


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