Body Worlds

Sunday, December 16, 2007

These sketches are from the Body Worlds exhibition at the California Science Center in 2004. I rarely get to draw "from life" so it was a treat to be surrounded by so many models, not to mention having the time to draw for an entire day. This was before I had started Mythos — before every creative minute was dedicated to the series.

If you ever get a chance to see one of these exhibitions, please take the opportunity. There are several similar shows out there, but this was the first and, from my experience, the best. Aside from that, the acquisition of specimens for this show, in particular, is expressly from willing donors.

The figure featured in both sketches was described as a "bodybuilder." The skeleton and musculature was separated, intact, and positioned next to each other in the same gesture. These sketches are drawn in my travel sketchbook and are on facing pages at right angles to each other. I hope to show more sketches from the show in the future.


  1. Those are beautiful sketches, Paolo. "Body Worlds" toured in Minneapolis, but I missed it. If it ever comes back maybe I'll be able to work up the fortitude to experience it.

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  3. They also had that in Detroit. I'd love to experience it too but sadly know one I knew would have been willing to go with me.

    It would have been so cool.


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