Spidey Prelims

Saturday, August 18, 2007

These are the preliminary sketches I did for the Spidey cover that was just published. Incidentally, the chosen composition was my least favorite, but that's the way it goes sometimes. (One reason I love doing the "interiors" of a book is that there are almost no editorial revisions.) All of these were done completely in Photoshop in order to save time. As can be seen, I had a definite color scheme in mind, simply changing the pose and angle with each iteration.


  1. cool, is your process in traditional painting the same? blocking in with color then atmosphere and detail?

  2. Not so much anymore. I used to paint that way in oils, but now I pretty much try to start "finishing" the painting right away. This is the main reason I do the prelims, since my color choices have already been made by the time I break out the real paint.


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